Descendants of *Francis Lambert


82. +Elizabeth Cole

Marriage Ceremony performed by Reverend Peter Powers.

83. +Benjamin Cole

Marriage Ceremony performed by Justice Jos Tyler.

Benjamin Cole is in the 1781 Early Maine Census

Benjamin Cole and his son Benjamin jr. are in the Hancock County, Maine Federal Census taken in 1790,1800,1810 and 1820 census

Benjamin Cole, B:1753, D:5/26/1829 in Deer Isle, ME, M: Ruth Bray (they had 8 children), his parents: Benjamin Cole and Jane Michell.

John Cole and Charles Cox(Cocks) were loyalists that were transported to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada in 1783. John settled in Westfield, New Brunswick. Charles settled in St. George, New Brunswick. John Coles children settled all along the St. John River. Most descendants are either in New Brunswick or Washington County, Maine. Among the surnames are Cole, McKechnie, Sprague, Bonney, Booth, Brown. Cox, Perkins, Fenlason, Ryan, McDowell.

John Cole's children: John Carney,James,Benjamin,Ann Stevens,Jane Hartt,Sarah Ring,Margaret Broad,Eleanor Newcomb, and Mary Leavitt.

Charles Cox's chlidren: Charles,Robert,James,George,Elizabeth Smith,Mary Ann Stevens,Hannah Lee,Elizabeth Smith, Susanna unmarried.

84. +Nathaniel Cole

Poll Tax 1806, Books missing 1803,4,and 5.

85. +Ruth Cole

Marriage Ceremony performed by Justice Jos Tyler.

88. +Willard Cole

Marriage Ceremony performed by Ignatius Haskell, Esq,.

89. +Jonathon C. Cole

Marriage Ceremony performed by Ignatius Haskell, Esq,.

59. William Lambert

He read law with Hon. Dudley Hubbard of South Berwick, Maine, and settled in practice there; after several years he moved to Somersworth, N.H.

Abigail Ricker

Daughter of Capt. Ebenezer Ricker of Rollinsford, N.H.

64. Thomas Lambert

Lived in Salem until 1811, then moved to Rowley. He waas a soldier in the Civil War, serving under Capt. Whittier's Compan, Mass. Militia, from 19 Sept, to 9 Nov 1814

Olive Aspinwall

Daughter of John and Nancy (Spurr) Aspinwall of Canton, Massachusetts.

95. Charles Lambert

He was a merchant in Danvers, and died there. Of the three children, but one survived him, viz., Emily Augusta Lambert b. in Danvers 16 Oct 1836, married Edward Todd.

67. William Gage Lambert

He taught for a short time and at the age of 21 commenced a dry goods business for himself in Boston. In 1840 he moved to New York and enterd into the commision business with Frederick H. Wolcott but returned to Boston in 1844, and became a partner in the firm of A. & A. Lawrence Co. He moved to New York about 1856, where he represented his firm for some years in establishing branch houses, after connecting himself in New York with George D. Richardson of Boston.

Sarah Bradstreet

Daughter of Nathaniel Bradstreet

110. George Nathan Lambert

2nd wife: Widow of Nathaniel Prime