Descendants of *Francis Lambert


35. *Benjamin Cole

Benjamin Cole Sr. came as an early settler from Newbury, Massachusetts to Deer Ilse, Maine approximately between 1767 and 1770. He was assigned 102 Acres of land valuably located between what is now Long Cove Bridge noreasterly up over the rise to the inner "mill pond" north of the old pound. All the houses from Long Cove Bridge on the west side of the road up to the "Center District Turn" and across to Harold Joyce (Sam Cole PLace) - 1927 - stand on this lot.

His son, Benjamin Cole, Jr. who came with him also had settlers rights. His location being 98 Acres on the north point of "Greenlaw Cove" toward Fish Creek where now is a descendant Benjamin Cole III son of Benjamin Cole, Jr.

Record Source:

Page 51 of Volume 1, Deer Isle, Maine. The records state: Jane consort of Benjamin Cole, Sr. deceased 25 October 1796 and Benjamin Cole, Sr. deceased 2 September 1799.

Abijah Haskell

Son of Deacon Francis Haskell of Deer Isle.

Mark Cressey

Soldier of the Eastern Front in the Army 1754 and 1757.
His home was the homestead of his fathers, on Bradford Street, Rowley, Massachusetts.
Revolutionary Soldier, Rank of Lieutenant.

41. Thomas Lambert

Rev. Soldier.

Apphia Gage

Daughter of Lt. Col. Thomas Gage of Rowley Massachusetts
Husbands military administration as a Rev. Soldier was granted 4 March 1794.

43. Jonathan Lambert

Rev. Soldier (Monument).

Hannah Gage

Daughter of William Gage, son of Lieut. Thomas Gage.

Dorothy (Dolly) Pickard

Daughter of Joshua Pickard

Abigail Newton

Daughter of Rev. Roger Newton of Greenfield, Massachusetts

78. Roger Newton Lambert

Was a Physician